What is the logistic process when shipping through Skeepers US Warehouse?

How to deliver packages to our warehouse

 Shipping to Europe?

Step 1: Create the product(s) on the platform

  1. Create a new campaign
  2. In the Products section, select or create the products
  3. Enter the EAN/UPC code (13 digits)
  4. Add the expected quantities

Step 2: Prepare the shipping form & MSDS

  1. Please use the shipment form provided by your CSM.
  2. Complete the relevant fields on the shipment form for all products in the shipment, including:
    • Product description
    • EAN/UPC code
    • QTY per item
    • MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
    • Product packaging material
    • Request for special handling (required for fragile products, glass & liquids)
    • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  3. Gather MSDS forms for all products that are new to the Skeepers warehouse.
  4. Send the completed shipment form and MSDS forms to your CSM over email.
  5. Do not ship product until your CSM has approved the shipment.

Step 3: Ship products to Skeepers warehouse

1. Once your shipment has been approved, ship product to the Skeepers warehouse. Contact info is below:

  • Address:

325 Lasley Avenue
Hanover Township, PA 18706

  • Name: Receiving Lead
  • Phone: 866-983-7447
  • Email: clientservices@shipnetwork.com
  • Please note these receiving instructions:
    • Receiving Days/Hours: M-F 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST
    • Link to schedule a dock appointment (required for all deliveries of 10 or more pallets): https://dock.rakutensl.com/

2. Share shipment tracking with your CSM when available.

3. Please allow up to 5 business days after your product arrives for our warehouse to process your shipment.


  • A delivery note must always be present in at least one of the parcels/pallets of the shipment containing all the delivered products, where the physical barcode is clearly displayed on the product.
  • Parcels should ideally contain a single reference. If they are multi-references, each of them must be well separated from the others (in a plastic bag or with a cardboard separator).
  • In case of receipt not following this process, additional logistics fees of €20 will be applied.

Avoid these cases to avoid longer delays:

A person holding a white can Description automatically generated

Absence of EAN code


A box full of plastic and plastic objects Description automatically generated

Items to be assembled/prepared

A group of boxes in a box Description automatically generated

Multiple mixed products

A box of black and blue tape Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Products received as a batch for individual shipment

Step 4: Launch the campaign after stock validation

Your CSM will validate the quantity of products on the platform once they have been fully received.

Manage the requests from influencers

On the request tab you have three different sections:

1) Pending requests: Outstanding influencer requests that need your approval*

2) Ready to ship: Requests you have approved that are awaiting shipment. From there, Skeepers will handle the shipping for you.

 In response to this issue, we recommend always sending a small quantity of additional products.

3) Shipped: Skeepers updates this column when the product has left the warehouse and is on the way to the influencer.

*Requests from influencers must be validated manually. However, Gifted Reviews profiles are automatically validated.

Shipping issues

Skeepers will take care of the shipping problems.

There are 3 options available when there is a shipment issue:

1. Return the product: if the product has been returned to the warehouse after shipment (this option has no impact on stock, but will be invoiced again).

2.Return a new product: if the delivery service has lost the product (the quantity in stock will then be affected by a discount on the reference in question).

 In response to this problem, we advise you to always send a small quantity of additional products: around 10%.

3. Cancel the request: usually when the product is out of stock. The influencer will then get their credit back.


How do I deliver my parcels to Skeepers logistics providers? - EU market



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