Moodboard Feature

The Moodboard feature is designed to help you inspire influencers and simply communicate your visual expectations to get the best possible result.

Follow these instructions to access the feature:

Create or edit a campaign

  • To get started, go to the "Campaigns" tab of your account
  • Then click on "Create a campaign" or on the little pencil that lets you edit an existing campaign
  • Complete the "Platforms and Contents" and "Campaign information"

The Moodboard functionality is then available in the "Instructions" part.

Enable Moodboard functionality

  • Once in the "Instructions" part of the campaign, check "Get inspired by a moodboard":

  • You then have the opportunity to upload several photos that will serve as examples for the influencer.

You can also share examples of colors, indoor or outdoor photos, different tons and lights, etc.

The point is not to deprive the influencer of all creativity; but rather to inspire and communicate your artistic direction to achieve the best possible result.


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