Our tips to provide the best content possible: Do's & Don'ts

We know for sure that you want to provide the best content possible for the Brands you are working with, but also for your followers!

To provide the best content and get involved in more campaigns, follow our tips below:


Respect the brief: date and instructions

Brands will provide all their instructions in their Campaign Brief. It is really important to respect this brief as the Brand will explain exactly the type of content they need.

If a publication date is required in the brief, it is really important to respect it! It is probably because the product won't be officialy launched before this specific date

Furthermore, if your content is too far from what is required in the brief: your content won't be validated and you will loose your credit.

To know more about the campaign brief, please read this article.


Choose the right lighting

The brands need to be sure we can see the product as its best light!

Please make sure we can properly see you using the product, since your content will be a testament to its quality!


Shoot in the best possible quality & Check sound

Shooting in the highest quality is essential! It elevates the product's visual appeal, conveys professionalism, and allows the audience to see the product's details.

We also need to hear your voice properly! It enhances the audience's experience, maintains professionalism, minimizes distractions.


Be selfless and honest

When you prioritize the audience's needs and provide genuine, transparent reviews, it fosters trust and authenticity.

This authenticity leads to more meaningful connections with your audience. By putting the audience's interests first, you can create a loyal and engaged community, resulting in a successful partnership with the brand.


Show your personnality and present the product in line with your content style

The brand chose you for your style! By staying true to your unique style, you will create a more genuine and relatable product presentation that resonates with your followers. This approach fosters trust and credibility, making the brand's message more impactful and memorable to your audience.


Plan content and feed in advance

You need to be organized in your creation process. Indeed, If you are late to post your content, you will end the collaboration with the Brand and loose your credit.

This preparation also allows you to create a harmonious and engaging narrative around the product, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your existing content.



Use unnatural filters

Using natural filters or no filters at all maintains authenticity, allowing the audience to see the product as it truly is and builds trust between you and your followers.


Use unauthorized music

Unauthorized music can lead to copyright issues and hinder the content's reach. By choosing licensed music, you ensure your content complies with legal standards and can reach a wider, engaged audience without legal complications.

 Don't forget that your content need to stay live for 30 days and will potentially be shared by a professional brand.


Mispronounce brand names

Mispronouncing brand names when presenting a product can impact your credibility and professionalism. It's essential to correctly pronounce brand names to maintain trust with your audience and ensure the brand's image remains intact.

 Make sure to check the way the name is pronounced in official communications before shooting!


Use inappropriate language

Avoiding inappropriate language when presenting a brand's product to your audience is crucial. It helps maintain the brand's reputation and ensures the content remains suitable for all viewers.

Using such language can deter potential customers and harm your credibility. Using a respectful and professional tone is essential for a successful collaboration.


Forgetting to present the product

Your presentation can obviously be included in a content with a larger topic : "Favorites of the Month" for example.

However, forgetting to properly showcase the product can undermine the purpose of the collaboration and confuse your followers.

It's essential to maintain transparency and clarity by featuring the product prominently.


Deliver a rush job you are not satisfied with

As an influencer, delivering a rushed and unsatisfactory job when presenting a product for a brand can harm your reputation and credibility with your followers.

We advise you to prioritize quality over speed, ensuring that your content genuinely reflects the product's value and benefits.

Your audience relies on your authenticity and trust your recommendations. Taking the time to create high-quality content ensures you maintain that trust and helps you build stronger and more lasting relationships.


Beside all those tips, the most important advise we could give you, is to have fun and be creative! 



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