What is a Campaign Brief, and why should I respect it?

In order to get the best collaboration possible, Brands will provide a brief for each of their Campaign.


What is it?

The brief is a set of instructions provided by brands.

It contains essential information about the campaign, including the brand's objectives, key messages, content requirements, deliverables, and any specific guidelines or restrictions that you must follow.


Why is it important?

The brief helps you understand what is expected, ensuring that the content you will create aligns with the brand's goals and maintains a consistent brand image.

It is a crucial tool for successful campaigns, as they help you and the brands work together effectively to create the best content possible.

Some elements are particularly important:

  • Date of publication: in case the product needs to be launched at a specific date
  • Transparency Rules: make sure to respect the transparency rules given by the Brand
  • Environnement: settings, lights, colors, etc
  • Do's & Don'ts: things you must do, or absolutely avoid
  • Moodboard: this section is designed to give you inspiration and reach the Brand visual expectations to get the best possible result


Once brief has been read and understood: just have fun creating your best content! ❤️


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