Suggested profiles: use AI to find the best influencers!

In our continuous effort to optimize influencer marketing campaigns, we have introduced a groundbreaking feature that matches influencer content with campaign descriptions, allowing you to get the best collaborations!

We originally targets influencers according to the criterias and categories you have selected when creating your campaign.

Thanks to AI, we can now suggest profiles not originally targeted but fitting your brand's image and goals, expanding partnership opportunities.

Access Suggested profiles

  • Click on "Requests" from the main menu
  • Click on "Pending request" to access the list of influencers applying to your campaign
  • Suggested profiles are indicated by a purple star and consistently have a campaign match rate of over 80%:


Untitled design (27).png


  • A purple filter labeled "Show matches from AI" / "Hide matches from AI" allows you to display or conceal suggested profiles:


New filters

To facilitate filtering based on collaboration history, a new "Influencer info" filter enables you to sort requests as "already collaborated with me" or "never collaborated with me".

Untitled design (28).png

Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1) The ARPP Certification filter is only available for French stores.

By leveraging influencer content matching, we aim to enhance both the quantity and quality of influencer partnerships, fostering mutually beneficial relationships for brands and influencers.

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