How to create and edit my Brand Store?

Your Store represents your Brand's Profile.

This is the page that influencers and consumers will see, but also the one from which they will order your products.

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👉 To create or edit your store, click on the name of your brand at the top right of the platform, then select Store Settings:


You will be able to:

  • Fill in your Brand name
  • Add a short description to explain your brand's main message and mission (text limited to 500 characters)
  • Add a logo and banner that's in line with our recommended pixel threshold (750x550 for the logo and 1500x440 for the banner).

💡 The banner size is the same dimension as your Twitter page, so don't hesitate to use the same banner for this.

  • Finally, don't forget to fill in the social media section with your official social media page links, and the Official Hashtag section.


Please note!

The Official Hashtag is really important:

  • It is mandatory for: US, France & Germany
  • We encourage you to ensure that your Hashtag is specific to your brand!
  • Don't add "gifted by" before your Brand name. Indeed, our system will automatically generate this term in the Influencers Instructions.


All this information about your brand will be very useful for influencers to make accurate reviews on your products! ⭐

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