Skeepers Golden Rules

We are all about empowering influencers (that's you!) to take their content to the next level!

To make sure you continue to slay, we've got a few Golden Rules to help you elevate your game: 

1. Respect the deadlines

Depending on the type of content that you have to create, you’ll have a specific deadline to follow for the posting of your content: 21 days for Instagram and TikTok content, 28 days for YouTube content and 14 day for gifted reviews.

Please note that your Skeepers account will be disabled after you have 3 or more expired credits. This can also damage your image in regard to the brands. If you have any issues, remember to reach out to the brands or with our customer service, we’ll be happy to help.

2.  The review must stay live for 30 days

It is important that the content stays live for at least 30 days, as if it does not, the system will notice this and the credit will expire. This is because, as part of a collaboration, the content is supposed to attract visibility for the brand. By deleting the content before time, you’re not allowing this to happen. You will have to publish a new review within 5 days, otherwise, your order will be expired.

3. Public status of your social account

Since we’re talking about a commercial collaboration, the goal is to attract as much people as possible and in order for that to be the case, your account has to be as accessible as possible. This also applies to the like count on your content, as it allows the brands to see how well their collaborations are doing in terms of audience engagement

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4. Personal usage of the product

Products obtained with sleepers are meant for the personal usage of the influencer only, it is not allowed to sell, giveaway or give it to a third party. It is only meant for the usage, testing and reviewing by the influencer doing the collaboration.

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5. Visibility of the product/brand

Since it is a promotion regarding the brand’s product, it is very important for the product and its results to be front and center on your content for the audience to see.

6. Give a truthful and honest opinion

The most important thing for brands is to see how the public reacts to them, whether it is good or bad. Remember to be as transparent as possible when describing your personal experience with the product, all while explaining and giving your opinion.

7. Mention of the brand in the description

Do not forget to add the name and/or the tag of the brand within the description of your content. Remember that in this situation, both of you are partners and are supposed to promote each other.

8. One campaign per post

Campaigns are meant to highlight a specific product chosen by the brand whether it is a new product or a bestseller, and so, it is important for it to be the main and only center of attention.

No other brands or products, even if from the same brand (unless it is a bundle), should appear and deviate attention from the main product. Brands won’t appreciate this, as they expect their specific product to be the main topic.

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9. For Instagram stories, include the product link

In the case that the content is an Instagram story, it is important to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to have access to the product in case they want to purchase. It is there by important to include the link to the product page shared by the brand.

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10. Your content has to be FTC-compliant

Since it is a commercial collaboration we are talking about, it is very important to follow all the legal guidelines regarding the FTC rules and transparency guidelines. It means adding #gifted_by_[BRANDNAME] or gifted by [BRANDNAME] in the beginning of your caption.

For the exact details of FTC rules, please check out our FTC compliance article:   FTC compliance article.

  • If your review does not respect these rules, the brand may report your review. Upon investigation by Skeepers moderators, if your review does not meet the rules and/or is considered incorrect, it will be deleted.
  • If 2 of your reviews for the same order have been reported and deleted, your order will be expired and you will lose your credit forever .

If you are having any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Icon Contact.


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