My credit is about to expire, or has already expired

In this article, we will see why your review may expire, what to do when this happens, and how to avoid it:

You can apply to as many campaigns as you want, within the limit of your remaining credits. However, each campaign has its own guidelines and in particular a time limit to publish.


When does a review expire?

An order becomes expired when you fail to meet your review deadline.

After receipt of package, you have:

  • 14 days to publish a Gifted review
  • 21 days to publish a review on Instagram and TikTok
  • 28 days to publish a YouTube and YouTube Shorts review.


Good to know! 

For some campaigns, there is a specific time range for the review to be submitted due to the needs of the brand. These time limits must be respected!

In fact, some campaigns are scheduled in relation to the release of a product and therefore should not be communicated before a certain date.

Conversely, a campaign can also promote an offer that has a deadline, so it must not exceed this date.

If you don't send your review in time, your order will expire.


What to do in the case of an expired review?

If your review expires, you can no longer upload your content for that campaign and therefore, you can't get your credit back.

For expired orders, under no circumstance should the user be contacting the brand.

All requests regarding expired orders should be sent to the Community Team via the Contact Icon


How to prevent a review from expiring?

The answer is simple, you have to plan and communicate!

Indeed, a delay in a review being submitted can happen to anyone. You just have to warn us via the Contact Icon.

Once we are aware of the delay, we will be able to add time to your submission so that you can post in time.


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