How do I deliver my parcels to Skeepers logistics providers? - EU market

How to deliver packages to our center? The delivery process by Skeepers is very straightforward.

However, each step must be followed correctly:

Shipping to the US?

Step 1: Create the product(s) on the platform

  1. Create a new campaign
  2. In the Products section, select or create the relevant products
  3. Enter the EAN code (13 digits)
  4. Add the expected quantities

Step 2: Prepare the delivery note

  1. In your Dashboard or from the Campaign page, click on "Generate a delivery note"
  2. Select the products you will send
  3. Attention, all this information is required:
    • Product description
    • EAN code
    • Quantities allocated to the product
    • Its price
    • Its weight

 You will then receive the note by email.

  • It is important to create the note 48h before the product delivery.
  • At least one paper copy of the delivery note must be present in one of the packages.
  • The warehouse stocks products within 72h*
  • In the case of kit preparation (tissue paper, ribbons, etc.), please send us all the elements and anticipate the time needed for assembly (which may vary depending on the period and volumes).

*Subject to reception anomaly.

Step 3: Different addresses for different warehouses

French warehouses will be used for shipments to Poland and the UK.


  • A delivery note must always be in at least one of the packages/pallets of the delivery. The products mentioned in the document must match what is physically delivered.
  • The physical barcode must be present on the product.
  • Please favor single-reference packages. In the case of multi-references, each product must be well separated from others (for example, in a plastic bag, or with a cardboard separator).
  • In case of receipt not following this process: additional logistics fees of €20 will be applied.


Cases to avoid that may extend delays:


Items to be assembled/prepared


Absence of EAN code


Mixed products


Products received in a batch for individual shipment


Step 4: Launch the campaign after stock validation

Once stocked, our logistics team will directly validate the quantity of the products. Quantities will not be validated before reception at the warehouse.

Manage influencer orders

In the "Requests" tab, you have three different sections:

1. Pending Requests: Requests that you haven't processed yet*

2. Ready to Ship: Requests that you have accepted. From there, Skeepers will take care of shipping the products for you.
3. Shipped : Skeepers updates this column when the product has left the warehouse and is on the way to the influencer.

*Requests from influencers must be manually approved; however, Gifted Reviews - Consumer Reviews - profiles are automatically approved.

Shipping Issues

Our After-Sales Service is in charge of any potential delivery issues.

There are three options in case of a problem:

1. Resend the product: in case it has been returned to the warehouse after shipment (this option has no impact on stock but will be charged again).

2. Resend a new product: if the delivery service has lost the product (the stock quantity will then be affected by a count on the respective reference).

In response to this issue, we recommend always sending a small quantity of additional products: about 10%.

3. Cancel the request: usually when the product is out of stock. The influencer will then recover their credit.

Mondial Relay Delivery:

Mondial Relay delivery is available for all our clients sending parcels to France.

This option is selected by default for influencers. They then have the option to change the delivery method to select home delivery.


How to deliver my parcels to Skeepers logistics service providers? - American Market

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