How to create a new product?

It is necessary to add a product to your campaign for it to be published.

You can also add products afterwards.


Add a new product:

  • Click on Campaign from the main menu
  • Create a new campaign, or edit the campaign of your choice
  • Then proceed to step 4: Products & Logistics.
  • Click "Add a product
  • Complete all required information, including the EAN code and quantity, then validate!


If your shipping is managed by Skeepers:

  • You need to generate a new shipping form. You will automatically receive this shipping form by email.
  • Send your product to the warehouse, including the printed shipping form, following the usual process.
  • The number of units will appear in the "Incoming" section and move to "Available" one when the parcel is delivered in our warehouse.


👉 Once the product is created, it will be available within the scope of all other campaigns.

💡 How do I manage my stock?


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