What happens if the influencer never posted a review on the product I sent her/him?

In this article, you'll find the information you need to know if the influencer hasn't posted his review:

The influencer has a deadline of 21 days for Instagram and 28 days for YouTube to publish the review (from the time the product is shipped). 

If the influencer doesn't respect this deadline, we will remind her/him several times and we will give them extra time (35 days for Instagram and 42 days for YouTube, including the previous deadline). 

If this second deadline is not respected, the request will be moved to 'Expired' and the influencer will lose a credit. After 2 or more expired credits, the influencer will be removed from our platform.


To know more about our credit system, check the article 'How does the credit system for influencers work?'

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