How can I flag a review/post?

If you think there is an issue with the content an influencer posted on your product, you can flag the review.


To do so:

  • Go to the REPORTS Menu
  • Click on the Content tab:

Social Growth.PNG

  • Click on the post you want to flag
  • Click on the red smiley:

  • You will then have the option to flag the review.

5 options are available:

  • Physical product and/or product application not visible
  • Creator has not tried or given an opinion on the product
  • Neither brand nor product name are located in description
  • Review is not accessible to the public
  • Review at risk of FTC-non compliance


 Keep in mind that flagging a review has to be objective.

For example, the reason "I don't like the review" is not a valid one.

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