How does Influencer Marketing monitor and improve its influencer community ?

Influencer Marketing is dedicated to provide the highest quality standards in the influencer marketing industry.

We ensure the quality of content produced every day through Influencer Marketing

On top of building the most qualitative influencer community, we're also dedicated to providing the best tools and tips to ensure a creation if high quality content as well.


We give the best tips to our influencers

On the influencer side, one of our key missions is to give them all the tools and resources they need. That includes as well all the indications to produce the best reviews. On our blogs and on our Help Center, we're regularly creating content in native language to provide influencers with clear guidelines.

From an order to its review, guidelines are always stated. From the moment when the influencer gets approved to the publication of his/her review, we stated the Influencer Marketing, FTC and your brand guidelines during all the order journey!

Your guidelines are reminded on your campaign page, on all the follow-up emails and also on the platform, when the influencer needs to check the status of her/his order or while publishing her/his review on Influencer Marketing.

Both your brand and Influencer Marketing guidelines are verified when the influencer will publish his/her review. We're checking the presence of the needed hashtags (both for your brand and compliancy), the given promo codes and the product link!


The guidelines are stated in various emails and on the platform, before and after placing an order or uploading a review!

We encourage the influencers to stay at the highest level of quality.
Within the Free Store marketplace for influencers, there are also certain rules that ensure the quality of the orders you're receiving. For instance, an influencer starts on Influencer Marketing with only 5 credits to spend on products - each order costs him one credit, and gets it back while uploading his review. This is why you are almost 100% assured to get one review per product sent!

Also, an influencer gets a deadline of around a month to upload her/his review on Influencer Marketing - if he doesn't publish on time, the order will expire and the credit will be taken away.

Each review published on the platform could be reported by the brand - every time a review is flagged, we manually verify it and decide whether or not deleting the review. If the review is deleted, the influencer is notified and may have to do a new review. If this happens twice for the same order, the order will be expired and the credit will be also taken away.
In order to maintain a qualitative behaviour on the platform, when an influencer has 3 orders expired, she/he will be rejected from Influencer Marketing.

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