How does Skeepers monitor and improve its influencer community ?

Skeepers is committed to providing high-quality standards in the influencer marketing industry.

🌟 Quality of content produced on our platform

Building a qualitative community of influencers ensures the quality of content produced daily on our platform!


☝️ Tips & best practices to adopt:

We are committed to providing all the tools and resources that content creators need to create the best posts.

On our blog and our help center, we publish creative and informative content to provide clear guidelines.

But also:

  • 1. Before post publication:

Skeepers' guidelines, your brand's guidelines, and FTC are explained upon order acceptance.
These guidelines are also reiterated in the campaign brief.

  • 2. During the order process:

Guidelines are reiterated at several key stages, including in the follow-up emails sent to influencers.
Skeepers also displays these guidelines when influencers check the status of their order.

  • 3. When posting the review:

Our guidelines, as well as those of your brand, are strictly monitored when the influencer publishes their post.
Verification includes: correct use of hashtags, proper use of promo codes, and accuracy of the product link.


✨ Encouraging influencers to provide the best possible content 

  • 1. Our quality rules:

Influencers start with 3 credits to order products on Skeepers.

Each order costs 1 credit to the influencer. It will be recovered only after the content is published, ensuring a close to 100% publication rate.


  • 2. Publication deadline:

Influencers have about a month to publish their review. Non-compliance with the deadline results in the order's expiration, with permanent credit withdrawal.


  • 3. Reporting and content verification:

Brands can report certain content. Reported posts are then manually checked. If necessary, the influencer will need to modify or create a new post.


  • 4. Account deactivation in case of non-compliant behavior:

If an order reaches the "Expired" status twice for the same influencer, they are deactivated from the Skeepers platform.


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