🥇 Top 5 Best Practices on Skeepers

Here are some practical tips that can help you create the best content possible:

Joining Influencer Marketing is a great way to try new products for free and build meaningful relationships with great brands!

Unlike some of our competitors, the criteria for joining Influencer Marketing are pretty realistic.


Once your account has been validated, you're ready to go:


🎬 1. Upload consistent and good quality content:

  • Post your review on time:

You have 21 days for Instagram and 28 days for YouTube (from the date you receive the product) to create and publish your review. If you don't, your order may expire and your credit will not be returned.


  • Keep your review online for at least 30 days after publication:

This will allow the brand and your subscribers to see the investment you've made in creating your review!


  • Create honest product reviews:

If a brand sends you its products, it's because they expect you to try the products and review them. While some brands may provide more detailed instructions than others, all our brands still expect you to review the product professionally.


  • Make sure your posts comply with Influencer Marketing rules and legislation:

Being honest and transparent enhances your professionalism, enables you to comply with legislation, and maintains a loyal and frank relationship with your community.


  • Don't hesitate to publish several reviews of the same product:

You'll probably use the product in several other reviews, so why not publish them all on Influencer Marketing for brands to see?


  • Avoid presenting too many products in one photo and/or video:

We believe there should be no more than 5 products received via Influencer Marketing in a Youtube video, and no more than 3 products in an Instagram photo.


As well as those of the brand, when ordering products.


  • Be sure to add the product link in your description bar:

Also mention the brand and product name, and tag the brand in your social media posts. These are things that give brands more reasons to like you!


👓 2. Keep your channel professional:

Brands appreciate a little bit of personality, and maybe even a little sassiness, but don’t let that overpower the nice, awesome person that you are!

Put your best foot forward and make sure that at least your channel trailer and profile picture show off your professional side.


🛍️ 3. Apply to work with brands that fit your channel’s style:

If you’ve never done a hair tutorial but apply for only hair products, there is a chance that the brand will be afraid to take such a big risk.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try new things — in fact, we encourage it!

But if you’re wanting to play it safe and are just getting started on the platform, try applying for opportunities that are similar to what you’d generally feature on your channel.


⭐ 4. Write a genuine note to the brand:

Although most brands on Skeepers don’t require a personalized proposal, a little ‘hello’ can make a world of a difference!

Besides just introducing yourself and your channel, we also recommend explaining to the brand how you plan to use their products and what kind of reviews you’d like to create.

Of course, thanking the brand in advance will increase your chances of getting accepted to the campaign too!


📣 5. Avoid being too pushy:

We know it can be tempting, but avoid messaging, tweeting, or emailing the brand while you wait.

This can come across as entitled or pushy, and our brands work hard to make sure they deliver a quick response.

Just remember: patience is a virtue.


💡 If for some reason the brand takes longer than normal to approve or deny your order, (we totally understand how frustrating that can be!), just send us a message via the contact icon at the bottom of the page.

This will enable us to cancel your order, or make a quicker decision.


If you are not accepted to a Brand’s campaign on Skeepers, don’t be discouraged. All of our brands have different criteria and it’s impossible for any creator, big or small, to fit the needs of every single brand.

At Skeepers, we are constantly adding new products to the Free Store, so don’t hesitate to apply to receive more products.


💫 Eventually, you will find a brand that matches well with your channel, and once you do, we’re sure your collaboration will be magical!

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