What is the eligibility criteria for an influencer?

To be on Influencer Marketing (Octoly) , an influencer needs to fit different criteria according to the platform they're using (YouTube and/or Instagram). The eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Discover and connect with 12,000+ vetted influencers
  • More than 5,000 followers on Instagram and more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • Active and posting regularly on their accounts/channels
  • The influencer needs to be Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle focused
  • The influencer needs to own a consistent and relevant engagement ratio on Instagram, according to their follower base. On YouTube, an influencer needs to have a good visibility ie. more than 1,000 views per video after 30 days
  • All posts and videos are original content produced by the influencer
  • The content produced by the influencer needs to be relevant to Influencer Marketing (Octoly) clients’ industries and of high quality

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