How Do I set up an Event?

Through Influencer Marketing's Event feature, brands can launch campaigns surrounding their next event, whether it's a product launch, party, or even a masterclass.

Through your campaign on Influencer Marketing, influencers within your targeting will be invited to apply to your event and you can maintain your guest list without back-and-forth messaging via e-mail.

We'll even send the time, location, and any details you want to each influencer, no hassle necessary!


1. Create your event:

Click on 'Events' on your dashboard's toolbar.

Click on 'New Event' to get your campaign started!


2. Name your event:

Whether it's a product launch, exclusive invitation to a party, or a masterclass at your offices or at a store location, let the community know what the event is!


3. Add in your location, time, and numbers of spots available:

Let the influencers know where this event will take place, what day, and what time so they can plan accordingly!


💡 Please note:

The influencers will not be able to see this information until they are accepted to the campaign, so only your chosen creators will have access to the address.


4. Give your event a cover and add some additional details:

What can influencers expect? What product are you launching? What are you going to teach them in the masterclass?

Let them know what your event is all about.


5. Create your invite list:

This is where you can choose who you want to apply to attend your event, as well as what platform you want the influencers to post on if they are eligible. Are you hosting a skincare event? Make sure to target your beauty focused influencers in your city! Note: it's important to make sure you're only targeting within the city you're holding this event.


6. Set some guidelines:

Does your event have a branded hashtag? Do you want them to mention the retailer whose location you're hosting your event? Add those extra details here, if you want. It's optional!


7. Add your additional information:

This will be sent in an e-mail reminder to the influencers you accept, so if you have any important information to add that you didn't include in the event description, add it here! Does your event have a dress code? Do they need to bring their IDs? Is it important that they arrive on time? Let them know!


When you're done, publish your event and the influencers you have targeted will be able to apply! 


To see your requests and add your influencers to the official RSVP list, tap 'Manage Requests' next to your event and on your Influencer Marketing dashboard and accept or decline requests like you would for a regular gifting campaign. 

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