My review is not compliant with Skeepers transparency rules. What can I do?

If your quality check has been refused, it's probably because your review is not compliant with Skeepers transparency rules

When you publish either a Youtube video, an Instagram/Tiktok post or a gifted review, your asset will be automatically scanned by our Compliance Monitoring Tool.

The system will verify that you have properly included disclosure terms as outlined in our campaign pages and emails.

Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the US consumer protection agency that works to educate marketers about their responsibilities under truth-in-advertising laws and standards.

As part of its consumer protection mission, the FTC has implemented "Transparency Rules" (also called FTC rules) which require influencers to mention in their publications that the products they received were offered by a brand .

Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0)Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1) The Transparency Rules are indicated in the campaign and oblige influencers to mention in their publications that the products have been donated by the brand.

However, some brands do not want to be mentioned in their publications. We therefore invite you to check this point in the campaign guidelines.

Mentions to add

 If you get a green sign: it means that your asset is compliant with Skeepers transparency rules and can be published.

 If you get a red sign: it means your asset is not compliant with Skeepers transparency rules and cannot be published.

The following message will be displayed if your content does not comply with the transparency rules:

Design sans titre.png

For your campaigns, you'll need to add one of these elements to your content to highlight your relationship with the brand you are collaborating with and to meet FTC requirements

  • #gifted_by_[BRANDNAME]
  • gifted by [BRANDNAME]

  • #offered_by_[BRANDNAME]

  • offered by [BRANDNAME]

  • #sponsored_by_[BRANDNAME]

  • #promotion_by_[BRANDNAME]

  • promotion by [BRANDNAME]

  • #[BRANDNAME]_consultant

  • #[BRANDNAME]_partner

  • #[BRANDNAME]_ambassador

  • #provided_by_[BRANDNAME]

  • provided by [BRANDNAME]

  • #Advertisement

  • #Advertising

  • #Ad

  • #Ads

The system is case-sensitive, so be careful to respect the letters and sentence case. Please copy and paste the rules indicated in the campaign instructions in  order to successfully comply with FTC guidelines! 

If you do not respect these rules, you will not be able to validate your content and get your credit back. 

I have inserted the recommended disclosure terms, but my review is still blocked

If you have inserted the disclosure terms, but your review is still blocked, we will now explain you what to do:

  • The first step is to confirm that you have followed the recommended disclosure guidelines - FTC Transparency Rules.
  • Please proofread the spelling of the disclosure terms.​ If there are any misspellings or mistakes in the disclosure terms, then our review monitoring tool will consider your review to be at risk of non-compliance and it will block your review.


If you have any further inquiries, please contact us using the Contact Icon.

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