What is the FTC? How do FTC Transparency Rules impact my campaign?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the US consumer protection agency that works to educate marketers about their responsibilities under truth-in-advertising laws and standards. As part of its consumer protection mission, the FTC has implemented "Transparency Rules" (also called FTC rules) which require influencers to mention in their publications that the products they received were offered by a brand.

Learn how to succeed in brand collaborations with the transparency rules listed below!

Mentions to add

For your campaigns, you'll need to add one of these elements to your content to highlight your relationship with the brand you are collaborating with and to meet FTC requirements: 

  • Complimentary from [brand name]
  • Or #giftedby[brand name].


The system is case-sensitive, so be careful to respect the letters and sentence case. Please copy and paste the rules indicated in the campaign instructions in order to successfully comply with FTC guidelines! 

If you do not respect these rules, you will not be able to validate your content and get your credit back. 

Why is this important?

These changes were made to ensure more transparency for your community to highlight the relationship between you and the brands you collaborate with. 

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