⭐ How do I connect my Instagram Account?

We will see in this article how to connect your Instagram Account to our platform:

In order to participate to Instagram Influencer campaigns, you need to link your Account to our platform.

To do so, you need to check that you meet 2 requirements:

  • Your Instagram account is a Business Account
  • It is connected to a Facebook page


Business Account

Check if your Account is already a Business Account:

  1. Go to your Instagram app in "Settings"
  2. Once in your settings, go to the "Accounts" Page
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on "Change Account Type"
  4. If you have the "Switch to a Business Account" option, then your Account is not a Business Account yet


Switch to a Business Account:

If you don't have a Business Account, just follow the previous steps and click on "Switch to a Business Account".

Follow the steps indicated by Instagram.



The most important step is to properly link your Instagram Account to a Facebook Page.

This will assure Facebook that you have a Professional Account. This is a key step to be able to connect your Instagram Account to our platform!


Connect your Instagram account to Skeepers

Procedure on Skeepers:

  1. First, log into our Platform and go to your Account.
  2. Click on Social Networks.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Instagram logo.
  4. Click on Add and then on Done: making sure you are aware of the two prerequisites.


Procedure on Facebook (Meta):

Once you have clicked on "Done", you will be redirected to a Facebook window in order to connect Skeepers to Facebook/Instagram:




Facebook will then ask you to select your Instagram Account and your linked Facebook page:


Octoly_2.png Octoly_3.png


Finally, you will be able to check the permissions that will allow us to retrieve your posts, but also the statistics of these posts:


Octoly_4.png Octoly_5.png


Good to know!

These permissions allow us to automatically retrieve your content and statistics.

We do not sell your Content or Personal Data!


I still can't connect my Account

For each error, the appropriate message is displayed along with a corresponding video.

There may be 3 reasons for this:


1. Edit the settings:

You need to add your Instagram Account to our platform again.

The action will reopen the Facebook Window - "You already have linked your Account to Facebook":



Click on "Edit Settings" and check that you have selected the correct Instagram Page and Facebook Page. 


2. Edit permissions:

On the Facebook process to connect your Instagram and Facebook page to Skeepers, please check permissions.

It is essential to check all the permissions. Otherwise, the connection cannot be processed.


3. Your account is not a "Business Account":

Facebook might not recognize your account as a "Business Account".

Which means that something went wrong in the process of switching your account to Business.

In this case, please contact Facebook Technical Team.



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