Hivency becomes Skeepers, we answer your questions!

Hivency will soon be over, but you can find all our influencer campaigns on our influencer platform Skeepers (ex. Octoly)!

To help you through this transition, we've gathered your questions in this article.

What's the difference between Hivency and Skeepers Influencer Marketing (ex. Octoly)?

In order to provide you with the best experience, Skeepers Influencer Marketing (ex. Octoly) will soon become our only influencer marketing platform. We invite you to activate your account now if you haven't already done so!

What is the difference between a consumer and an influencer profile?

You will be considered an influencer if you meet the following criteria. If you don't, you can still take advantage of the Skeepers platform and the hottest brands by accessing the consumer review campaigns from your Free Store. We will monitor your account growth to inform you when you are eligible for Influencer campaigns.

Please note that after you create your account, you will be considered a consumer by default until our teams can review your profile and validate it as an influencer.

Why do you need to reconnect your social networks?

If you have received an error message in this sense, it is possible that your social network is already linked to another email, if this is the case we invite you to send us the address linked to your Skeepers profile (ex. Octoly) and the URL link of your social network.

Another possibility is that your Instagram profile is not considered a Business account, here is an article to help you remedy this.

You received a message specifying that your account already exists.

The Octoly platform has joined the SKEEPERS Group to bring together nano- and micro-influencers as well as consumers from around the world on the new platform. Therefore, if you already have an Octoly account, we invite you to use the same login and password or to fill in your email here to create a new password.

Is it possible to recover Hivency credits on the new Skeepers platform (ex. Octoly)?

As the two platforms are completely separate, this is not possible, but you will earn credits when you register when you add a social network and with each new review!

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