How do I post a Text Review?

On our platform, you also have access to Consumer Review campaigns in exchange for reviews left on Product Pages!

To validate a Consumer Review, there are a few steps that you need to follow:


⭐ Before leaving your review:

After receiving your product, don't forget to go through these steps before leaving your review: 

  • Check the Brand's instructions, as they may give you indications on how to test the product(s).
  • Check the dates indicated in the Campaign! You might receive a product before it is commercially available. In this case, it is probably normal if you cannot access the Campaign links yet.
  • Contact the Brand if needed.



As soon as your Product is marked as "Sent," in "My Orders" section: you can leave your review.

However, we do recommend testing the product for a few days to be able to provide the most sincere and complete review possible!



  1. Prepare the most sincere and complete Review possible. To be valid, the review must contain at least 200 characters
  2. Click the "Validate My Review" button
  3. Copy your Review and click "Go to Product Page"
  4. Paste your review and make sure to take a screenshot before submitting it definitively. This screenshot will be necessary to validate the review!
  5. Click on the "+" and import the Review Screenshot
  6. Enter the rating you gave to the Product and tell us if you recommend this product


💡 Once your review is taken into account, your credit is available again.

You can order the product of your choice again!

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