⭐I can't click on "Publish my Review"

You may not be able to validate/post your content on the platform. There may be several reasons for this:

When the campaign offer is a physical product, it must be sent to you by the brand or by Skeepers. In order to post your content on our platform, the brand must indicate that your package has left.

However, in some cases, the brand forgets this step, and you can't validate your collaboration!


Here are the steps to follow:


Check the campaign brief:

First, check the campaign brief.

In fact, the brand may have indicated a specific date for publishing the post: a product launch, for example.


Contact the brand:

If the campaign brief doesn't solve your problem, contact the brand. They can then update the status of your order!

There's no need to contact us right away, as we can't perform this action: it's up to the brand to do so.

To contact the brand, go to the "Inbox" tab, or follow these instructions.


Good to know

If you are not registered as an Influencer and therefore only see Gifted Review campaigns, then you cannot contact the brand

You can first send a message to the brand on Instagram, but if you don't get a response from them after waiting 48–72 hours, you can send us a request from our help widget on the platform.


No response from the brand:

If you do not receive a response from the brand after 48–72 hours, then you can send us a request from our help widget on the platform.


Once the situation is resolved:

As soon as the "Publish" button is available, you can upload your content to our platform!

If you need help with this step, here are some articles that could help you:

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