I don't see certain campaigns

You may not see the same campaigns as your influencer friends, even though you seem to fit the criteria.

Each Store is unique! The campaigns you see in your store depend on your audience, your performance indicators, your personal profile and the categories that interest you.


🎯 Each campaign has its targeting

When a brand creates a campaign on our platform, whether it is a Gifted Review or influencer campaign, they must choose criteria that will allow them to reach the right people. So, for example, if you see a campaign from your favorite brand, it means that you meet its criteria, congratulations!

The targeting of a campaign encompasses many criteria, here are some:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Engagement rate
  • Type of audience
  • Your country of residence
  • Your age
  • The information you have provided in your personal profile
  • The categories you have selected in your account

Thus, from the publication of the campaign, some of you will see campaigns and others will not. To have access to the maximum number of campaigns, we recommend that you continue to develop your social networks and audiences.


Do not be tempted to buy subscribers or likes! Firstly, it is a practice that is severely punished by Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and can cause you to be "shadow-banned" or even completely banned from these platforms. Secondly, our platform is capable of seeing if you have purchased subscribers or if you are growing through practices like follow-unfollow.


❌ Error message during application

In some cases, for Gifted Review campaigns, when you apply, you may receive an error message indicating that you cannot participate in the campaign.

This message may appear when a campaign is victim of its success and accumulates a sufficient number of candidates to be closed very quickly!

These cases are rare but can happen depending on the popularity of the brand and the product offered on our platform.

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