Can I use music in my content?

You've posted your Reel on Instagram and want to upload it to Skeepers. However, when validating it you're told you've used non-copyrighted music.

Please find below more information to understand the use of copyrighted music.

Will I be able to validate my campaign?

The answer is YES! 

However not recommended.

Indeed, Instagram's rules about copyrighted music are strict and therefore prevent brands from uploading the content to reuse or repost it on their social networks.

To conclude: it's not the best option, as it's always nice to see a brand you like using the content you've created.

If you really want to post this content, then you can click to continue.

Our advice

Do not use music in your content unless the brand specifically requests it in their instructions. This will help you avoid potential issues.

How do I use music for my Instagram posts?

We recommend you to do some research on the internet about royalty-free music.

Many libraries of royalty-free music are available.

2 options to find non-copyrighted music: 

Instagram's Music Library: Instagram provides a built-in music library with licensed tracks for use on the platform. 

To access it, tap the sticker icon when creating a Reel and select the "Music" sticker. You can then browse through various genres and moods to find the perfect track for your content. We suggest selecting only music that is not copyrighted.

It can be interesting to select 4-5 music that correspond to your content that you will only use for your collaborations with brands. This is true both on and off Skeepers, as the rule is general for all brand collaborations.

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