It's important to activate likes on Instagram!

Marketers and businesses may have many reasons to calculate engagement rates on Instagram.

In particular, they may want to ensure that a candidate has an authentic audience, a transparent profile and no fake followers.

It's important for brands to see how many reactions each influencer gets on Instagram!


Brands collaborate with you on Instagram to promote their products and services! You have a large number of followers and can reach a much wider audience than some brands alone.

Activating the like counters can benefit both you and brands! The like counters allow brands to evaluate the efficiency of an influencer campaign. If a post has a lot of likes, this can indicate that the campaign has been a success and that you can reach an engaged audience.


⭐ Transparency is an essential factor on all online platforms.

Instagram's users want to be sure that the information they see is authentic and not manipulated. Enabling like counters can increase transparency on the platform.

When users can see how many likes a post has received, they can determine whether the post is genuine or has been bought. Some users buy likes to make their posts appear more popular than they really are. Activating likes counters can help to reduce the purchase of likes and increase authenticity on the platform.


To activate likes, simply access the application's settings. Once there, go to the Posts section, where you'll find a setting that can be activated to display statistics.

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