Shoppable Content Tracker - Deployment

This guide presents Skeepers' solution to gather data about customer's experience with Shoppable Content on your website. Data collection enables us to measure how your customers interact with our widgets, furhtermore the analysis aims to enhance the widgets, as well as, the user experience.


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  • The following documentation pertains to deploying the tracker using Google Tag Manager (GTM). If you don't use GTM or if you don't give us access to GTM, we'll provide you with a guide, but you'll have to make the settings yourself.
  • You must have access to the domain management tool to create the subdomain.


Basic Information

Here is the list of events that will be tracked:

  • pageview: page viewed on the client's site
  • add_to_cart: any action adding an item to the cart
  • cart: current cart contents
  • order: user reaches the payment confirmation page



To set up the tracker, we kindly ask you to:

  • Create a subdomain
  • Provide us with read/write access to GTM
  • Share with us the site's tagging plan (if available)
  • Share with us how to place a test order (dummy credit card, purchase, and cancellation, etc.)


Purpose of Subdomain Creation

The creation of the subdomain is essential for data collection via cookies. Browsers do not allow cookie collection across multiple domains. These cookies are used to store information such as visit date and frequency. However, these cookies do not store personal information.


Subdomain Creation

Creating a subdomain is done through the company managing your domain. If you're unsure which company that is, you can use a Whois site like the following:

The operation involves creating a subdomain that points to a Skeepers domain (CNAME subdomain pointing to, where the subdomain is created by adding swa. to the domain, such as

For instance, for the domain, the subdomain would be

If you're unfamiliar with domain management, please reach out to your domain provider's support.


Purpose of GTM Access

The configuration of GTM will be handled by our team of developers. For this, they need access to your GTM console in read and write mode.

It's important to note that we will not publish the tags in production; you will be responsible for that.


GTM Access

To deploy the necessary tags on a website, we require read-write access to GTM with the account:, within a dedicated workspace. This means we'll be able to create the necessary tags (SDK deployment + event tags) and preview the changes made.

Once these settings are in place, we will contact you to place a test order.


Adding Skeepers to the cookies list

To notify your clients about your use of cookies for data collection, you should include Skeepers in the list of cookies within your consent management tool on your website.

Here are the details to provide for the Skeepers cookies.

Title: Skeepers

Name: Skeepers analytics

Short Description: Measures the impact of Skeepers solutions

Category: Analytics

Domain Name:



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