6 Good Practices for an efficient campaign!

To ensure the success of your Influencer Marketing campaigns, we recommend you adopt these 6 Best Practices:

1. Brief & Instructions

  • Give clear instructions and focus on key points
  • Don't give too long instructions
  • Highlight the most important instructions in the "do's and don'ts"
  • Clearly indicate where the transparency statements should appear
  • Use the Moodboard Feature!

Don't forget to leave some room for creativity!

2. Review submitting date

If you want the review to be published from a certain date: don't forget to indicate the date creators can start submitting reviews within the campaign title & do & don't instructions

3. Review submitting link

When it comes to Gifted Reviews: it's very important to check the links in the Platform and Content step that influencers will use to post their reviews.

Make sure your link works before you share it

An incorrect link will prevent the influencer from publishing their content (which, in turn, may delay the publication of their post).

4. Mentions & Hashtags

Be sure to include the hashtags and mentions you would like creators to use in their posts.

No need to add transparency hashtags to your campaign if they are already configured in your Store.

How to manage the transparency rules for my store?

5. Delivery Information

If you're handling the shipping yourself:

  • Don't forget to update the order status
  • Include the tracking number

That way, the creator won't need to ask you to find out where their package is, and will be able to post content on time!

Why is it important to update the order status?

6. Messages

Communication is the most important element of a successful campaign!

It's essential to check the Message Tab in the Skeepers platform regularly and respond to your creators!


 Please have a look at our document below to keep these Good Practices in mind!

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