How can I improve my profile to be accepted as an influencer on Skeepers?

When you register on our platform, you have access to all our Gifted Review campaigns, so you become what we call a "consumer".

However, you can become an "influencer" on the platform by connecting your social networks and meeting all of the eligibility criteria.

If your profile does not meet the eligibility criteria and your application has been refused, the good news is that this decision is not final. Our teams are continuously monitoring our community, and we automatically re-run profiles to try to find the profiles whose numbers are improving!


If you are interested in becoming an influencer on our platform, then check out these tips on how to improve your profile:


🏠 1. Authenticity

Authenticity includes being true to yourself, and not deviating from your path to follow someone else's! It's about making your audience understand that they can see themselves in you, which helps create trust and increase your following.


2. Exclusive content

It's fine to showcase great content and give credit to the author, but it's way better to post original content that is unique and exclusive to you!

Think about the type of posts you like to make and the categories that fit you best, and you can start to create your strategy from there.

There's no need to spread yourself too thin trying to create content for all the social networks, one or two platforms are enough. The most important thing is to preserve your style and improve it over time!


📅 3. Consistent content

It is very important to post regularly, whether it is in the moment or a scheduled post, so you can keep your audience engaged and interested.


Beware of excess! Not posting for a long time or over-posting that it becomes spammy, can be detrimental to your engagement rate.


#️⃣ 4. Relevant hashtags

To improve the visibility of your posts and expand your audience, hashtags are your best friend.


They must match the subject of your post otherwise Instagram or TikTok will mark your account as "spam" and it will damage your statistics!


❤️ 5. An acceptable engagement rate

Engagement rate is very important because it reflects not only the strength of your connection with your community but also your visibility on Instagram or TikTok.

Indeed, if your posts are engaging and receive a lot of likes, shares, or comments, they are more likely to appear organically on someone's feed.

💡 Good to know:

Our engagement rate (ER) is calculated differently for each platform:

  • Instagram: (Average number of like + the average number of comments / the number of followers) for posts that are published during the last 9 months (maximum of 16 posts)
  • TikTok: Average of (number of hearts + shares + comments / number of plays) of videos published during the last 9 months (maximum of 16 videos)
  • YouTube: Average of (number of likes + dislikes + comments / number of views) of the last 16 videos


In the end, even if you don't upgrade to the "influencer" status, you still have access to free products in exchange for your honest opinion, but keep in mind that you can become an influencer at any time!


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