Campaign Creation: How to properly fill out the Do & Don't section

To ensure that content creators publish content that will be validated by the platform, it is necessary to thoroughly complete the Instruction part of your campaign. Particularly, the Do's & Don'ts section.

Indeed, when publishing their content on the platform, influencers will receive a reminder containing the most important instructions to remember before submitting their content.

To complete these instructions:

  1. Create a new campaign from the Campaign menu.
  2. Complete steps 1 and 2 of the campaign: Platforms & Content and Campaign Information.
  3. Go to step 3: Instructions.
  4. You will then access the Do's & Don'ts section.

Examples of instructions to give

Do's Don'ts
Start and end date of content publication. Feature products from other brands.
Tags and hashtags to add in the description. Use profane language or overly casual language.
Specific location for transparency mentions to be added. Use copyrighted music without permission.
Type of content to post: YouTube video, TikTok post, Instagram Story, Post, or Reel. Use unnatural filters.
Content style: unboxing, dynamic music, indoor/outdoor, etc. Film content indoors/outdoors (depending on your need).
How to use/present the product. No mirror selfies.
Pronunciation of the brand and product names. Shoot in poor lighting/quality/sound - in a messy space.

If you notice certain bad practices, do not hesitate to complete the Don'ts section with the inappropriate behaviors you have observed during your campaign.

These simple and basic instructions help educate the consumer about the brand's image to share the best possible content on the internet and avoid mistakes.

Also, do not hesitate to use the Moodboard feature to share your vision of your brand with the creators!

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