What is the logistics process when shipping myself?

If you manage your own shipping and logistics processes, here's everything you need to know:


📦 Inventory management

  1.  Go on your product list and click on the '+' of the product you want to refill.
  2. Add the number of units to add and click on 'save'. 
  3. Once you will have requests from influencers, you will directly ship your products to their personal address. You can manage this on the 'Request' tab.


🤳 Manage the requests from influencers

On the request tab you have three different sections:

  1. Pending requests: all the requests that you still haven't answered
  2. Ready to ship: the accepted requests at the previous step are moved to this column. On the 'Actions' column click on 'ship product' and the address of the influencer will display automatically. At this point, you have all the needed information to proceed to the shipping: you have to export the requests and then import them with the tracking number, the requests will then automatically pass on the 'Shipped' step.
  3. Shipped: the requests will automatically pass on this section. If a shipping problem is reported by a creator, a little red envelop will appear.


Don't forget to enter the tracking number in the platform. This will enable the ambassador to track the package easily and find it in the event of a delivery problem.


🚀 Shipping issues

If there is a shipping issue you will see a red exclamation point on your 'Shipped' tab on the "Requests" tab.

In this case, you have to solve the problem independently by contacting the influencer through the "Message" tab.


The possible actions will be: 

  1. Received: meaning the problem is actually solved and the influencer received the product
  2. Reship a new product (the stock is then affected)
  3. Cancel the request (usually when you can't resend a new product because no stock left)
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