How do I validate my Instagram content (Post, Story, Reel)?

This article is here to help you in case of difficulties to validate your Instagram content:

Instagram's campaigns are common on our platform and brands can request classic posts, stories but also Reels!

How to create the perfect Instagram content?

To validate your content, please check the instructions of the brand in the tab "My Orders" and make sure you have checked the following elements:

  • The type of content requested: Please check the logo carefully! It can be an Instagram post or reels (different logo).
  • The date: the brand can specify a specific date for publishing the post (the launch of a product, for example).
  • Hashtags/references to be given: it's very important to post the information as requested by the brand (every letter or comma counts!)


You must absolutely respect the mention of the brand. To make sure you don't misspell it, don't hesitate to copy and paste the mention of the campaign into our mobile app.

You should also, if the brand requests it, respect the rules of transparency. That is phrases such as "#giftedby[brand name]" or a phrase including the words "Complimentary from [brand name]".


  • In the "My Orders" tab, you will find the first "To Do" section.
  • Click on the "Publish" button for the relevant product
  • Select your post, story or Reel
  • Check that your content has all the required information
  • Click on "Publish Review"!

Once this last step is completed, the review will be linked to the product you ordered and your credit will be available! You can then order another product of your choice.

I can't validate my collaboration on the platform

If you cannot click on "Publish my Review" button, please consult this article.


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