Why is it important to update the order status?

If you manage the shipment of products yourself, it's important to always update the order status once they've been sent.

Indeed, if the order status remains pending, the influencer won't be able to post their content.

How do I do it?

Click on the order in question, then select "Ship":

Update the status of several orders at the same time

To save time, we recommend using our import feature.

This will enable you to update the status of several orders at the same time. It also allows you to import tracking numbers:

1. Click on "Export orders" and download our XLS file template:

2. Complete this same file (without modifying the format or the columns) by adding the tracking numbers of your orders.

3. Re-import the file.


 The status and tracking number of all your orders will then be automatically updated!

What happens if I don't update the status?

The influencer won't have access to the button allowing him to publish his content: and will contact you directly to find out more.

You also run the risk of delaying your campaign.

By communicating the tracking number to the influencer, you give them the possibility of tracking their parcel themselves, and taking the necessary steps in the event of a problem.

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